Kooky for Kooky Spooks!

What can I say about Kooky Spooks?  I love them! They came out in 1979 and although I never got to own one when I was little, I remember kids my age wearing their older siblings hand-me-down Kooky Spooks, and thought they were so cool.

The kids featured wearing the Kooky Spooks on the front are a little frightening, but if you can get past their jaundice-looking skin you’ll find that Wunkin’ Punkin, Scardy Cat, Woblin Goblin, Howly Owl, Spacey Casey are TV Stars.  Not sure what that’s about, however looks like Bone Head hasn’t quite reached TV Star status (see box).

Oh yeah, the costumes come with some safety tape in case your costume doesn’t already draw enough attention from cars driving by, and matching face paint.   The ‘face paint’ is now more like a hardened shaped ball…not only would that be slightly difficult applying to your skin (unless you melted it down with a blow-torch), but your skin would probably deteriorate which could be quite a nice ‘costume’ in itself.  But of course that’s if you’re trying to achieve the rotting-flesh look.

So years later and I’ve been able to grab up 6 different Kooky Spooks costumes… and not only do they seem to come out for Halloween, but really any get-together with friends. I mean really, who wouldn’t pass up an excuse to tie on an inflatable ‘Wunkin Punkin’ or ‘Spacey Casey’?!  NOBODY!

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