Hot Pink Fuzz!

This is a group show I put together featuring two of my favorite felt artists, Miss Muju based out of Cornwall, UK, and Monyomonyo from Tokyo. Miss Muju is known for her intricate, hyper-detailed, and prismatic felt ‘Muju’ dolls. The tiny scale she works with is just mind-boggling seeing in person… making you wonder, “how DOES she do it?!”. This is Monyomonyo’s first American show, and I’m honored to be part of it! Her work reminds me of the Muppets on Speed! Her wearable masks coupled with arm pieces are truly something original. I couldn’t be more excited for this!!!

Click here for images from the show!
Monyomonyo’s Website
Miss Muju’s Website

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3 Responses to Hot Pink Fuzz!

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  2. Kristen Rask says:

    And this, I wish I could go! It is going to be most excellent!

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