Cat & Dog Teepees

My Pet Teepees are now available on!  

The teepee comes with a 1″ removable and hand washable bed, made of a soft, Blizzard Fleece material that your cat will love! The comfortable bed is perfectly fitted to the the shape of your teepee, maximizing every square inch so your little furry has plenty of room to not just sleep, but to sprawl out in!

The Cat and Dog Teepees are available in four different color ways:  Raven Black, Vermilion, Chestnut and NightGlo (the NightGlo glows in the dark!)
The pet teepees are made of heavyweight, durable canvas that is made to last!

Everything is handmade, screen printed and sewn by me at my Seattle-based studio.

ALSO, the Furry Friend Teepees come with a God’s Eye, Postcard and Button Pack! Each God’s Eye is color-coordinated to your teepee fabric, and hangs from the ceiling of your teepee. Hang it low enough and it will allow for hours of playtime for your kitty! Hang it high enough and it will be purely decorative.

Vermilion DogTeepee Back













Verm Gods Eye

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