Perfect Seattle Day!

Took advantage of this gorgeous weather to screen-print some more teepee fabric!  hang to dry

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“Scrap” Fashion!

Thought I’d put some of my extra cat & dog teepee fabric to some good use in the form of “Scrap Fashion”!

Scrap FashionScrap Fashion


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Raven Black Cat Teepee


Indoor Teepee

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Golden Serpent Pillow- Sold Out!

The 16″ Golden and Silver Serpent Pillow released this past Friday are already sold out!  Thank you!  I’ll be doing a re-release at the end of the month for those of you who were unable to snag one from the first run.

Golden Serpent Pillow



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Spring Pillow Release

I’ve been so influenced by the woven techniques and geometry of Pre-Columbian and current Peruvian artisans, that I’ve translated that inspiration into a new line of wool, felt pillows!  The black and white Chan Chan Pillow and Serpent Pillow will be available at the end of March, along with some special pieces coming your way.  Hopefully you’re as excited as I am!

Chan Chan Serpent

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Handmade Atari 2600 Game Cartridges

The Starmaster, Skiing and Tennis cartridges were originally on display at Giant Robot SF for the video game themed art show, Game Over, in conjunction with GDC.  I’m finally parting with them and  they’ll be available on my site tomorrow!  Stay tuned!

Small cartridges sizes 17″ X 22″

handmade game cartridges

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Cleocatra in her Chan Chan Cat Teepee

The super cute and energetic, Cleocatra, loves her Pet Teepee! It’s big enough to invite a couple kitty friends over and when she finally gets tired of playing all day, she has a cushy little bed inside her teepee to take a well needed cat nap.


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Furry Friend Teepees!

Originally I started making the teepees just for the kitties, but to my surprise all my dog loving friends couldn’t wait to get ahold of them as well!  So yes, now I have a Chan Chan Kat and Pallay Dog Teepee designs to chose from.  The consensus is, the cats & dogs love their teepees!!

postcard web pics and dee

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Cat & Dog Teepees

My Pet Teepees are now available on!  

The teepee comes with a 1″ removable and hand washable bed, made of a soft, Blizzard Fleece material that your cat will love! The comfortable bed is perfectly fitted to the the shape of your teepee, maximizing every square inch so your little furry has plenty of room to not just sleep, but to sprawl out in!

The Cat and Dog Teepees are available in four different color ways:  Raven Black, Vermilion, Chestnut and NightGlo (the NightGlo glows in the dark!)
The pet teepees are made of heavyweight, durable canvas that is made to last!

Everything is handmade, screen printed and sewn by me at my Seattle-based studio.

ALSO, the Furry Friend Teepees come with a God’s Eye, Postcard and Button Pack! Each God’s Eye is color-coordinated to your teepee fabric, and hangs from the ceiling of your teepee. Hang it low enough and it will allow for hours of playtime for your kitty! Hang it high enough and it will be purely decorative.

Vermilion DogTeepee BackGods Eye

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Sewn 5ft Pitfall Cartridge!

This was by far the largest project I’ve ever worked on,  and enjoyed taking on the challenge!

I originally started cutting out the lettering last summer, intending on putting it in a video game themed art show.  However I quickly ran out of time and decided to put it off until I some free time to finish it.

A year later, and low and behold, I finally got some time to pick up where I left off , and this mattress-sized cartridge is sitting in my living room finally complete!

4′ X 5′ Vinyl Pitfall Cartridge. 10″ Deep.

Complete with sound box when pushing down on Pitfall Harry’s pocket (game play/ jumping over gators sound!).  

Contact for for details.

Click to watch video

Pitfall Living RoomPitfall Montage


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